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Group Alumni

PDRA and PGR alumni


Dr Valentina Abet (PDRA) received her Ph.D. from the University of Alcalá (Spain, 2012), studying radical arylation reactions on pyridine derivatives. She  then moved to France where she worked as a postdoctoral researcher on organic, supramolecular and medicinal chemistry projects at the CNRS and the Institut Curie. After three years in industry (Redx Oncology, United Kingdom), she joined the group in September 2017. Valentina left for a permanent position in industry in Dec 2018.


Dr. Moreshwar B. Chaudhari (PDRA) received his bachelor and master degrees from the University of Pune, Maharashtra, India. Dr. Moreshwar received his Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)-Pune, India, in Dec-2019 under the supervision of Dr. Boopathy Gnanaprakasam. In September 2020, he joined Prof. Miquel A. Pericàs’s research group at Catalan Institute of Chemical Research (ICIQ)-Tarragona, Spain as a Marie–Curie (individual fellowship) fellow where he worked on polymer-supported asymmetric organocatalysis using continuous flow process to obtain a biologically relevant tetrahydro-β-carbolines. Dr. Moreshwar was a PDRA in Slater group focusing on process chemistry using continuous flow modules which in collaboration with Victrex plc, UK. In the free time he loves to play cricket, soccer and watching movies. In 2023, Dr Moreshwar took up a research position in the lab of Prof Benjamin List in Germany.

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Dr Chris Jones (PDRA) graduated from Durham University with a PhD in Chemistry (2017), specialising in the design and synthesis of supramolecular gels. He completed a PDRA project at Queen’s University Belfast investigating pharmaceutical hydrate crystallisation in mixed solvents. His research on the assembly of macrocycles and cages in flow, and was jointly funded by EPSRC and the Royal Society. Chris took up an industrial position in Feb 2021.


Dr Megan Carr (PhD) completed her MChem degree at the University of Liverpool. Her 3rd and 4th year projects involved novel polymer synthesis in the Rannard group. She also completed an Analytical Chemistry Trust funded summer studentship studying 2D NMR for pka measurements in 2017 with Dr Jonathan Iggo. Her PhD (2023), co-supervised by Prof Steve Rannard, investigated polymer synthesis under continuous flow conditions using both free radical and controlled radical polymerisation methods with the intent to use these materials in flow assisted nanoparticle production. Megan is currently Technical Support Officer in the MIF technical support team.


Henry Morris (PhD) completed his four year MChem at the University of Leicester, which included a placement year at Hexcel Composites.  Henry’s PhD, funded by the Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design, compared continuous flow and batch methodologies for a range of macrocyclic and organic cage syntheses. As part of his PhD, he undertook a PGRA role in collaboration with Victrex plc focusing on process chemistry using continuous flow methods, supported by an EPSRC IAA Award. He is currently Health & Safety Officer in Chemistry at the University of Liverpool.

Undergraduate and MSc alumni

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