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A lot has happened since May 2017

So, it seems that I am much better at keeping up to date on Twitter than I am with blog posts.

A lot has changed since I last updated this site; we've welcomed three new people to the Slater group: Valentina, Henry, and Robert; we've also welcomed back a familiar face in Michael, who rejoins us for his 4th year project, this time in microparticle synthesis. Two more MChems will be joining us in January - Oliver and Thomas.

We've moved into our new lab - Lab A - which is, as I keep saying, "MIF adjacent". Valentina and Henry have filled it full of glassware, which makes me a very happy chemist.

With the assistance of Jon Jones of Waters Corporation, we relocated our TQD Mass Spec, and - thanks to the Royal Society - upgraded it with a brand new H-Class UPLC. Shortly afterwards, our Vapourtec flow reactors arrived - now we're just waiting for a microfluidic rig from Dolomite Systems to complete our equipment haul for the year.

We've published two papers with the Blanc ( and Cooper groups (!divAbstract) - no flow synthesis in these, but watch this space for next year!

We'll also be hiring two new PhD students to start in October - so please get in touch.

It's been a busy year - my first of teaching, which has been both rewarding and challenging - and I'm grateful to the many people who've helped. All the best for 2018!

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